16 September 2009

Do You Know What is Happening in Your Community?

Find out.

Attend the meeting TONIGHT and voice YOUR opinion.

A public information meeting is being held this evening, Sept 16, 2009 from 7 - 9pm at the Sunshine Woods Golf Centre (upstairs) located at 10646 - 64 Avenue in Delta.

Land designated for agriculture is being rezoned to develop an industrial/commercial business park.

Do you want to see even more green space paved over in your backyard? Come to the meeting. Speak up. Your opinion can make a difference.

It is being said that the current agriculture zoning is restricted to limited uses and would be better suited for commercial/business use. That is not true. The land can be used for farming, farmhousing, residential housing, processing natural agricultural products, housing a riding stable, veterinary clinic, shooting range, greenhouses, and other things.

Do you want more warehouses, office space, and restaurants in your neighborhood?

Or do you want to maintain the quickly diminishing green space?

The choice is yours.

Come to the meeting and voice your opinion.

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