31 December 2009

Burns Bog Boasts Top 10

Below you will find our top ten achievements from 2009 - ten achievements you have helped us attain, and ten reasons why you should donate now to ensure our Top 10 are even better in 2010!

10. Surviving the financial crisis
Thanks to your support Burns Bog Conservation Society celebrated its 21st anniversary on November 14, despite these harsh economic times.

9. Extending our message to a wider audience
Thanks to support from ECO Canada, we are now able to embrace online social media tools. Your positive feedback tells us we're on the right track as we have greatly increased the scope of our reach.

8. Providing disabled individuals access to secure employment
In return for their contribution to our work, the Society helps to develop skills and social networking to over 50 individuals, some of whom have barriers to employment.

7. Being recognized for environmental leadership
Society president Eliza Olson was honoured with the award for Environmental Leadership from Vancouver Island Human Rights Institute.

6. Growing and expanding the project
Thanks to JDQ 3Spheres of Reciprocity, we are fine tuning business practices to expand into new projects such as an Interpretive Centre and capital campaign development.

5. Familiarizing more people with Burns Bog
In 2009 your support allowed us to take almost 3000 people on a tour of Burns Bog, and pre-registeration for our Summer Day Camps doubled!

4. Inspiring action to stop South Fraser Perimeter Road
You helped make our Stop SFPR campaign successful allowing us to mobilize hundreds of people into action protesting the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

3. Moving Burns Bog closer to UNESCO World Heritage Site Designation
MP Sukh Dhaliwal presented the petition to designate Burns Bog as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to the House of Commons.

2. Growing international support
Two interns came from Germany to work at the Society, and Burns Bog is featured on International Mire Conservation Group's homepage.

1. Burns Bog battles climate change
Thanks to your suport, the Society fought global warming by showing support at Global Day of Action events, and distributing information and petitions to delegates at Copenhagen Climate Change Conference with the help of BCEN.

Please add protecting Burns Bog to your Top 10 by clicking here to donate today.

Thank you for your support and all the best for the New Year!

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