21 June 2010

Discovery Workshops in Burns Bog

Be part of Burns Bog Conservation Society's 19th Annual International Bog Days and attend some Discovery Workshops.

Date: Saturday, July 10, 2010
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Location:In Burns Bog/Delta Nature Reserve
10388 Nordel Court, Delta, BC
(Planet Ice/Great Pacific Forum)

Sign up to take part in Burns Bog Workshop Adventures on July 10th, 2010!


take an exciting walk through the Bog while being shown all the best BIRD WATCHING techniques from Tom Bears, the President of the Delta Naturalist Society.

treat your children to session with seasoned educator Roberta Price, a seasoned educator, on FIRST NATIONS culture, as well as the importance of their own heritage while completing a craft to take home.

join Ursula Easterbrook, a member of the Delta Naturalist Society, for a lesson on ‘environmentally conscious’ PHOTOGRAPHY and take your new skills for a test drive in the Delta Nature Reserve. This workshop is great for youth to adult amateur to professional.


join Dr. Holly Fourchalk for a ‘HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE ’ seminar. With a simple and effective style of providing innovative leadership, Healthy Wealthy & Wise provides a number of integrative options to maximize each of these important aspects of life.

For sign up forms and more information, email the Burns Bog Conservation Society at event@burnsbog.org or visit us online at www.burnsbog.org/events for more information! Have more questions? Call Kiran at 604-572-0373. Remember to invite your family and friends so they can all take part in the fun (a suggested MINIMUM DONATION of $10!)

See you at the Bog!

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