03 June 2010

What are the real reasons behind the hold by Metro Vancvouver for Ramsar status?

This week Sandor Gyarmati wrote an article in the Delta Optimist. The headline read "Burns Bog proposal put on hold by Metro board".

As I am getting to know more about the history of Burns Bog, and have been an attendee to some events and dialogue with the Corporation of Delta and Metro Vancouver, I would like to know the real reasons behind Mayor Jackson’s decision regarding Ramsar Wetland of International Significance status.

Could it be that she does not want international attention brought to her regarding the poor management by both Corporation of Delta and Metro Vancouver of Burns Bog (or all four levels of government for that matter)? Why has the conservation covenant not been used to stop the South Fraser Perimeter Road from winding its way along the lagg of the bog?

Mayor Lois Jackson, who chairs the board, says that Metro Vancouver's park people are not following the conservation covenant and seems to do what they want without concurring with all parties. Is she not talking about herself? I have a hard time not assuming that if she sits on Metro Vancouver's board as chair and is mayor of Delta, would she not be concurring?

I guess I just have to sit back over a glass of Arrogant Frog wine, help fund Burns Bog Conservation Society as I sip (proceeds of Arrogant Frog sales in June go to the society's education programs) and contemplate what Mayor Jackson wants. If it is a legacy Mayor Jackson would like to leave, she is not going to accomplish it this way.

Sonia Nazar

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