19 August 2010

Food Security

With highways going through some of the world's best farmland in Delta, and people starving because of floods and fires around the world. Why would Corporation of Delta want to take more land away from farming designation?

Tonight’s meeting (7:00p, Annacis Room, Delta City Hall) is a critical step in the process of determining the future of the Southlands. Please make it a priority to attend so that Council and the TAPC realize that the public is still aware of the process and hasn’t become complacent. Much of the latest information being distributed attempts to pacify the public into thinking that this issue is decided – from what has been happening the meeting tonight may result in a last-ditch effort to push through a change to the Southlands designation even though it’s clear the people don’t support it. This is unacceptable and must be stopped!

It should be interesting and contentious…

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