23 October 2010

Help your car and Burns Bog Conservation Society at the same time!

How you ask? Referred Auto Repairs (RAR) "Easy giving support program."

Burns Bog Conservation Society has teamed up with Referred Auto Repair. When you go to a auto repair shop that is part of the program 3% of your bill will go to the Society.

Click here to find out more. You can register on-line or call RAR 1-888-539-4662 if you have any questions regarding this program or need help navigating the support page.

Once RAR receives your information, they will mail you a card. Once you get your card, you go to a recognized RAR affiliate, you show your RAR card and tell them that you are supporting Burns Bog Conservation Society and 3% of your repair cost/service fee goes to the Society. 

Giving made easy.  

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