03 November 2010

NEW to burnsbog.org - Adopt a Bog Animal

Figuring out what to get someone for a gift during the holidays can be hard, and at times, can drive you a little crazy; you start talking to yourself: "What would they like? What do they need? For cryin' out loud they already have everything!"   
Now, Burns Bog Conservation Society has a great solution. Brand new to burnsbog.org is Adopt a Bog Animal. For a gift to the Society of $30 plus $3 shipping and handling, you get an official Burns Bog Certificate of Adoption with fun facts about your bog animal and a picture.

There are six adorable bog animals to choose from:    
  • The cute and fuzzy Southern Red-backed vole (endangered)
  • The multi-coloured Painted turtle (endangered)
  • The fascinating Greater Sandhill crane (endangered)
  • The cool and quick Pacific Tree frog (at risk)
  • The majestic Barn owl (at risk)
  • A Black-tailed deer fawn (spots included)




These symbolic adoptions on behalf of that special person who cares about animals is a perfect holiday gift. The certificate can be framed and put on a wall or proudly displayed in any room of the house.
Just visit us at burnsbog.org and choose which animal you would like to save today!  






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