04 January 2011

How Much of Burns Bog can you Destroy in 30 Days?

Feds given extension to serve statement of defence. What damage is being done in the meantime?

Bog water drains from Burns Bog into the Fraser River
Imagine what is happening to Burns Bog while the federal government takes another 30 days to serve a statement of defence for the lawsuit launched by the Burns Bog Conservation Society.

The feds were recently given an extension on their deadline to serve a statement of defence to the Society. Meanwhile, Preload sand continues to be loaded onto the Bog. Bog water continues to drain into the Fraser River. Wildlife habitat is being forever lost. In this case, time is of the utmost importance; a sense of urgency from the government would be nice.

When the 30-day extension is up, we need to be ready. Please give to the fight to move the South Fraser Perimeter Road out of Burns Bog. Don’t be like the federal government, act now to save Burns Bog.

Click here to give.

Check back often to get first-hand updates before everyone else on what's happening with the lawsuit. Got questions or thoughts? Comment on this blog to have your voice heard and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

Thanks to all the supporters of the fight to move the South Fraser Perimeter Road.


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