28 October 2011

Fall Bog

I'm trying not to fall in the bog.
Tough not to fall FOR the bog - the fall bog.

This week there has been a lot of rain, exactly what the greedy, thirsty bog needs, but the one morning of sunshine and crisp, autumnal temperatures, was the one morning I was there. And what was the temperature? 9.9° C. I know what you're thinking, seemed much lower.

The blueberry leaves are starting to change colour and fall.
The cedars too, drop some of their scaly needles as the fall progresses, and although the bog-forest part of the nature reserve seems to mostly be evergreen, there are enough plants losing their leaves to make the noise from the road seem nearer at this time of year.

For the past few weeks, we've been hearing Pacific Tree Fogs, tiny beasties with BIG voices. But not this week, this week, the frogs were quiet. Soon they'll be preparing to brumate, go into a dormant state for the winter. Some frogs are able to produce glycol or glycerol, that acts like anti-freeze in a car, as they hunker down in lovely leaf litter.

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