26 November 2011


Better than a dam in reality.
Here in the Lower Mainland, we are surrounded by simply breathtaking beauty. The mountains, the Fraser River, the Strait of Georgia, the forests and woodlands.

Going into the city of Vancouver, you crest the hill and suddenly you see the heart-stopping view of the mountains, or driving the Connector from Richmond to Delta or even taking the Alex Fraser bridge, there it is, in all its glory, the river, the cities, the mountains.
Beautiful BC.

And then there's Burns Bog. It is certainly a spectacular space, but you have to go into the Delta Nature Reserve and just BE there to enjoy it.
And yet, and yet....
It's what we can't see that is its greatest glory.

The bog acts as a natural dam, really, natural, as nature intended. Think of a human-made dam, how it holds back water and then releases it in a great flood when that water is needed.
Sorry to repeat myself, but the bog does the task nature's way. It holds water during the rainy and meltwater times of year. basically, Fall and Spring. It stops water loss, and filters out some of the nastier chemicals and bacteria from human activity.
Then throughout the summer, the dry season, it releases that water, clean water.

Another really important reason for conservation of the bog.

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