01 February 2012

Sheep to Eagle, Three Degrees of Separation

I can do it. Three degrees of separation from sheep to eagle.
Here goes.
I was thinking about Imbolc, today, Celtic festival, healing, fire of creativity, renewal. The name of the festival comes from words that are to do with sheep's milk.
So, sheep.
Because I was thinking about Imbolc, I looked up what the tree associated with this lunar month is in Celtic lore. 21st January - 17th February - the Rowan. I knew that, Rowan, Mountain Ash, which is deciduous, so is bare at this time of year.
I love the bare deciduous trees in the winter, and so do the eagles, they sit right at the top, watching us.
Well, probably not actually watching us, but it feels like their eyes are following us. We're not their prey, so they must just wonder about us. I think.
Still, Imbolc = sheep -> trees->eagles.

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