22 March 2012

Being Water Aware on World Water Day

Today is World Water Day and I am reminded how much I take water for granted.

At the turn of a tap I can drink it, wash in it, wash my clothes in it, water my plants with it. Like most people who try to do their bit for the environment, I'm careful. I don't leave the tap running, and I don't wash my car too often - well, alright, there are probably less ethical reasons why I don't do that, but what I'm saying is - I may take it for granted, but I am water aware.

And we need to be. In BC, it's easy to think that there is plenty of water, it falls from the sky all the time, we are surrounded by rivers, streams, creeks, and the ocean. But the fact is, we are drying out our streams and rivers. We are using more water than we have, and this affects, sometimes catastrophically, the ecosystems - the habitats of our co-dwellers on this fragile Earth home of ours.
And let's face it, for some of us, some of those co-dwellers are our food.

For a discussion of how lucky we are in relation to other human inhabitants of our planet, here's the U.N.'s World Water Day website.

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