17 April 2012

Perilous Times

The integrity of the bog is keeping us thinking at the moment.

The 2004 Conservation Covenant applies to the parts of Burns Bog owned by the various levels of government. The owners of a parcel of land that was not covered by the covenant, but which are part of Burns Bog, have applied to have the land re-zoned. If this happens, development could follow.

The owners are presently in consultation over their re-zoning application, and the Burns Bog Conservation Society is part of that consultation.

But the bog is the bog. It's a whole - I see it as one organism, are we not all complex ecosystems? And I fear for its safety if we gnaw at its sides. How much of it can we lose, before the tipping point comes and it starts, not just to dry out, but to die?

The ecosystem review has now been uploaded to our website, so you can look at it and send us your thoughts. There are maps of the  peat layers and information about all aspects of the health of the bog. The parcels of land in question are to the east and the west of Highway 91.

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