12 May 2012

Sundew in the Big Bog

This morning, we had the opportunity to make a small, but totally legal incursion into the bigger bog, to the west of Highway 91.

It was amazing to see the amount of sundew. I have been waiting patiently for some sign of it in the Delta Nature Reserve, but so far without luck.
The other thing that astonished me on the western side, was some Labrador Tea coming into flower. Both the DNR and the western part have a lot of Bog Laurel in flower,  but Lab Tea normally flowers later.

The pink Bog Laurel flowers behave like a parabola, opening towards the sun. The ten stamens guide the insect in and then spring up and dust the insect with precious pollen.

The sticky 'dew' on the sundew plant, draws insects towards the plants and then traps them before digesting them.

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