20 June 2012

Bog Day is Coming

International Bog Day and Jog for the Bog are both on the same day this year - 29th July, and this day is the Burns Bog Conservation Society's BIG EVENT.
And very exciting it is too.
It's fantastic to watch  the planning and organisation of the event, or should I say, events. It's going to be better than Christmas and Hallowe'en. No, I mean it, it will.

On the great day, registration for the Jog is at 8am, so Bog HQ will be there virtually at day break. The runners will be wearing T-shirts specially designed for us by BC artist Rogest.
After the jog, there'll be a very welcome pancake breakfast, free for volunteers and joggers and by donation to anyone else, Tim Horton's will be there, giving out coffee and Timbits.
When everyone's contentedly full of pancakes, there will be the awards and speeches, always better on a full tum!

At a quarter to eleven, the performances will start, and we have some great artists lined up and helping to save the bog. Keep an eye on our Facebook pages for details, so far we've talked about Dennis Lakusta, and duo Sami Rae and Travis Husband, more to come, just watch that space :)

Every half hour throughout the afternoon, there will be tours of the bog, the usual $5 per person to support our educational programs and bog-saving activities. There are also exhibitors' stalls and booths and there will be prizes!

At the end of the day, the festivities will be rounded off with a mystery act. This is NOT to be missed.

So let's all get together to celebrate the bog, even more important this year when we're working together with all of you to save it in the face of new challenges. 

We're so looking forward to International Bog Day and Jog for the Bog. 29th July. Mark it on your calendars, we hope to see you all there!

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