02 March 2010

Many BC charities doomed as Gaming Grants dwindle

Help get BC Gaming Grants reinstated to the levels they once were. In just one decade, funding went from 1/3 of all BC gaming profits down to only 19%! Schools had their Gaming Funds slashed in half, and several charities were forced to close their doors because of the cuts.

Click here to sign the petition to reinstate all Charitable Gaming Grants in BC.

In 2009 all charities who applied that year for a grant were denied. Only grants already promised to charities from previous years were honoured. Community Services, the Arts (ie. Delta Arts Council), environmental organizations, and sports groups are all affected.

The province justifies gambling because the proceeds allow the goodwill work of these groups to continue. Without Gaming Grants, many more charities will collapse, and the necessary work they do to keep our society's values and morals in check will cease.

You can help. Sign the petition being circulated province-wide before the budget is being addressed on March 2, and/or support the Burns Bog Conservation Society today.

For more information you can visit the British Columbia Association for Charitable Gaming's website and the province's Gaming Policy website.

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