10 March 2010

Lower Mainland unites for Pilgrimage to Burns Bog

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity. Experience the sacredness of Delta’s globally unique ecological wonder, Burns Bog on April 25, 2010. Join hundreds of others who have already signed up to meet at 640 Chester Rd. (in front of Quiznos) on Annacis Island for a Pilgrimage to Burns Bog, a free event hosted by various environmental and faith groups.

Like in previous years, the annual event plans to bring together hundreds of people from all over the Lower Mainland and beyond to connect with the environment on a personal level.

Burns Bog is a raised peat bog in Delta, British Columbia. As North America’s largest wilderness area in an urban setting, the Bog is home to hundreds of species of plant and animal wildlife. Many of these are threatened and endangered. The Bog stores millions of tonnes of carbon, helping to reduce climate change. Its preservative properties make it a special place of archaeological importance.

Despite the Bog’s significance, many people are unaware of its real value. The Pilgrimage bridges that gap by helping people experience for themselves the “lungs of the Lower Mainland.”

The crowd is gathering at Quiznos (640 Chester Road) on Annacis Island, Delta at 1:30PM on Sunday, April 25, 2010. Walkers and bikers alike will proceed over the Alex Fraser Bridge to the Delta Nature Reserve (the only area of Burns Bog open to the public).

There will be talks, entertainment and displays. Guest speakers include Greenpeace co-founder Rex Weyler and Copenhagen youth delegate Alexandria Mitchell. Musical performances by First Nations group Daughters of the Drum, and Singers of the Sacred Web.

This Pilgrimage is organized by the Pilgrimage to Burns Bog Committee. Participating groups include Burns Bog Conservation Society, Vancouver Unitarians, the Wilderness Committee, Adam v’Adamah, Anglican EcoJustice, Be the Change Earth Alliance, Environmental Ministry Team of Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace, Global Clergy Association, Global Hindu Foundation, Kairos, Multifaith Action Society, Voters Taking Action on Climate Change, and Zero Waste Vancouver.

To confirm attendance or for more information you can visit the Facebook event page at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=277522476339and the official website at http://www.pilgrimage2burnsbog.org/. Contact Karl Perrin for more info at info@pilgrimage2burnsbog.org or Cecilia Hudec at 604-272-4779.

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