30 July 2010

New battle over Burns Bog

"In the absence of another champion, we [Delta] will have to be the champions." Mayor Jackson http://www.bclocalnews.com/news/99635154.html

I consider Burns Bog Conservation Society as one of the champions for Burns Bog? Mayor Jackson never seems to want to mention the Society and all the hard work they do to make sure people are aware of the significance of preserving it.

The Society has invited Mayor Jackson to speak at International Bog Day this past Sunday July 25 at the Delta Nature Reserve. She said no, and never even bothered sending someone in her place to speak out about the importance of the bog.

Mayor Jackson appears to ignore the Society. On the Delta Burns Bog website there is no mention of the Society at all and all the hard work the Society has done to help preserve Burns Bog and the education programs they have in place to make people aware of the consequences if the bog is disturbed. Nor do they mention the Boardwalk that was put in the Delta Nature Reserve by the Society so people can enjoy the park and to mitigate damage to the bog.

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