15 February 2011

Save Canada's Green Emerald--Burns Bog!

In 2004 Canadians paid $73 million for a rare emerald--Burns Bog. This rare jewel sits in the middle of urban development filtering water to the Fraser Rivier, wafting cooling breezes and fresh air from Delta to Nanaimo to the North Shore and beyond. How do I know this? Well, in 1996 a fire started in July. Very shortly offices had to close in Vancouver because people couldn't breathe. In September 2005 another fire started. This time people in Delta and all the way to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island suffered from the effects of the smoke. Burns Bog is part of that small 3% of the world's peatlands. Like other peatlands it stores 10 times more carbon than any other terrestial ecosystem. Right now this precious jewel is about to be crushed by the South Fraser Perimeter Road. Already farmland and bogland has been destroyed but it is not too late to tell Prime Minster Stephen Harper that as the seniour government it must stop the destruction of Canada's peatlands and move this road some where else or create other forms of transportation.

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