09 February 2011

You are invited ...

Great news! The Burns Bog Conservation Society launches its 10th annual Non-Gala.

If you are one of the lucky few, your invitation will be appearing in your mail box this week. You won’t be able to miss it. Your invitation is pink and it has its classic bulge, thanks to National Importers and Twinings Tea.

This year our Non-Gala will not be held at the Vancouver Olympic Village. Performers will not include Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones or The Beatles.

Your invitation didn’t arrive? Don't worry. Just click the blue CanadaHelps button and make your donation. Scroll down to option 6 for the Non-Gala.

$25 - you promise not to attend
$35 - neither you nor your companion will attend
$50 - your whole family promises not to attend
$75 - George Bush promises to stay away
$100 - BP oil executives promise to stay away
$250 - Sarah Palin won’t come – we’re Canadian we don’t carry guns
$___ - you will stay home, sip Twinings Tea and read a good book

You will get your teabag mailed to you right after you make your donation online for the Non-Gala.

Your non-attendance at our Non-Gala supports our education programs, maintaining the Delta Nature Reserve boardwalks and outreach programs.

We do not receive core funding from any government body. Your gift matters!

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